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A strong and value statement of purpose is a free-form essay of about 500 words. You need to explain why your candidacy should get a grant, for admission to a master’s degree or an internship after college in an international company. Read on to style correctly a successful statement of purpose graduate school.

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 How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Graduate School?

Here is a rough outline of how to write a statement of purpose for graduate school.

  1. Introduction (what do you like about the program and the chosen college?). 
  2. What pierce abilities have you already acquired in the specialty? Perhaps you want to become a psychologist, but you studied to be a historian and now understood that you don’t like it. Demonstrate your genuine interest in psychology.
  3. Will this program help you in the future? Do you already have a pierced startup plan and only need to structure knowledge? Do you want to work for a specific international company or volunteer to treat children in Africa?
  4. How will you benefit the university program degree and fellow students? Maybe you are ready to play for the baseball team or want to be an assistant in the laboratory or dean’s office.
  5. Add a logical conclusion with a call to action.

Don’t write a biography. Tell what is suitable to the program process. The professional service can help you do it by step and increase a student’s chances to enter by writing a statement of purpose for grad school.

Top Tips for Graduate Statement of Purpose

  • Study the requirements of the admission’s office process on the college website. Follow them for 100%. Is it specified that the essay should be 300-500 words long? Meet this volume. Answer all required questions and send your email in the format you want;
  • Do not copy other people’s statements. No need to mindlessly copy other people’s examples, substituting your name, contact information, and 2-3 personal facts. The essence of the graduate statement of purpose is sincerity; you must tell how much you want to enter this university degree so that the committee will feel profoundly and gladly accept you into the arms of the alma mater.
  • Don’t write a letter at the last minute. Start writing a statement for study at least a month in advance: this way, you will not miss the main points. Give yourself time to think about your goals so that they appear convincing to the committee;
  • Add friendly writing style will suit you. Imagine writing a letter to your overseas friend and talking about recent accomplishments. Of course, you should not be familiar and use words with diminutive suffixes: “I love children, so I dream of being a good teacher.” The writing style should be conversational with business elements. These show what distinguishes a statement of purpose grad school from a cover letter for work. Add a lighter, more casual storytelling style by steps;
  • Think over your image. Your success depends on the self-presentation process by steps. Work out the vital and value details of your image. The commission should understand from your letter what person you are, why you are striving to acquire the profession, and how it relates to your future plans. Before writing a letter, make a “cloud of words and concepts” that describe you as much as possible. A few basic concepts will be the main anchor points for describing your personality in writing. Of course, they must be related to the chosen profession;
  • Don’t write a boring introduction. The first part should primarily interest the committee. If the beginning is written in a trite and monotone, no one will read it, despite all your merits. Just imagine: 5-6 committee members should read 500 statement in 1-2 days and choose the most attractive candidates. 70% of these letters are boring. Try not to tire your readers with your step introduction;
  • Add more exciting details. Think about when that turning point process happened, and you decided to connect your life with this particular profession. For example, one student in her statement for admission to a master’s program in correctional education said that her younger brother spoke poorly, and already as a child, she began to look for ways to help him. And then, she went to study to be a speech therapist and now wants to help children all her life.

How Important Is the Statement of Purpose for Graduate School?

How important is the statement of purpose for graduate school? A statement is the first stage of the selection process by the admission committee. If it is successful, you will be invited to an interview. This is your chance to stand out from other pierce candidates from all over the world. Write in the statement why you chose this program, how it compares to your success and career plans, what skills you want to get, and how to use them further?

Our service will help you talk about victories in Olympiads, competitions, scientific research, and interesting projects in which you participated and add vital details. And of course, we will prove that you are the best candidate by writing your statement of purpose computer science undergraduate.

It is believed that the higher the ranking position of the university to which you apply, the stronger and value your statement of purpose should be.

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